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The Scanian people

The Scanian citizen ain´t like anybody else.

He is beautiful, most of all.

He has not got the treacherous look of the Stockholmer, not the hysteric way of speaking like the Gothenburger, nor the shuffling way of walking as those from Småland. They have not the low arch of the feet like those from Sörmland, nor the stooping of those from Medelpad.

No, the Scanian people are truly a pride of humanity. As a majestic monument he rises over the flat land. His look is truly faithful, his cheeks glow of well-being and he walks tall and proud.

But - most of all his inside is beautiful.

There beats a noble heart and there have an unstained character taken position.

Also ad a nearly incredible intelligence; a smartness and sensibility which is unbeatable. Put him in front of the most difficult task, give him all the troubles of the world, come to him with conflicts and misery. He will patiently listen to your wailing, but you will also find comfort in his smart solutions to all the problems of the world.

- Well, you will hear him say, it will all be solved as time passes. Through centuries of pros and cons, social and cultural revolutions, occupations and other irritating problems, the Scanian people have learned that everything solves itself as time goes on. As long as you stay put, the life on earth ain´t more complicated then that it returns to normal after a while. This does not prevent the Scanian from interfering activily. And he can sometimes be seen both showing excitement and passion.

That is the true Scanian.


This text was originally written by the scanian author Fritiof Nilsson Piraten (1895-1972).
It has been translated into english by me with the help of my daughter Angeli.

Some basic facts:

Scania (Skåne in Swedish, Skaune in Scanian) is the most southern tip of Sweden .
About 1,4 million people live in Scania (about 1/7 of the Swedish population).
Scania was a part of Denmark until 1658 (it was called East Denmark) when it was occupied by the Swedish army.
A long and very bloody civil war followed when the freedom fighters (the so called Snapphanar) was fighting the occupation. The revenge from the Swedish army was very cruel. And many thousands of innocent civilians were killed.

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